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Luoning GD Mining Co., Ltd. was registered at Bureau of industry and commerce in Luoning County on June 26, 2009, with a registered capital of RMB 10,000,000. This company is located in Xiayu Town and Xinghua Town, Luoning County, having a mining area of 21.48 square kilometers. The mine lot lies at metallogenic tectonic belt which beneath the area from Longwangmiao to Yuepinggou metallogenic structure, is of good geological condition of mineralization. This company is composed with the administrative department, the Ministry of finance, the exploration and production department, production technology department, security department, laboratory and other departments. So far, the company has over 60 employees, among whom there are 13 administrative staff at different levels, 30 engineering and technical staff (10 engineers, 20 technicians and other personnel). Fully equipped with all kinds of professional and technical personnel, this company has well prepared for the development and utilization of Fan Zhuang silver resources.

Nanzhao County Guan Gou Gold Mine Co., Ltd is located in Guangou Village, city, Mashiping Town, Nanzhao County,17 kilometers east of the county, 4 kilometers west of the city. The area lies in eastern sector of Funiu Mountain, the Qinling Mountains, Southwest of Henan, with a highest altitude of 548 meters, a minimum of 400 meters, and the relative height difference of 148 meters, belonging to lower and middle mountain areas. This Gold mine development project was one of the masterpieces jointly forged by the GD Group and nonferrous metal mine bureau of Henan province in terms of Integration of capital, resources and technology. The project is expected to put investment of total RMB 150,000,000 and listed as one of the five key investments-attract projects.

This company has made great progress since its construction started in Feb 2009 and has inherited and carried forward GD Group’s corporate culture concept —"Creating superfine product for customer, creating values for employee and wealth for society" and corporate spirit—"Understanding, Tolerance, Loyalty, Solidarity, Respect, Learning, , Exceeding, Innovation"; This company will be committing to create benefits for the government, its shareholders and employees, actively promote the development of the local economy, and make contribution to the economic construction of Nanzhao County.


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