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Non-ferrous metal

Considering copper as its main industry, golden dragon copper pipe business unit established copper tube production bases in cities such as Xinxiang, Shanghai, Zhuhai, Chongqing, countries as Mexico and the U.S. etc with almost one third of the global production of ACR tube, makes it the world’s largest precise copper tube manufacturer and the most powerful base for technological development and innovation.Hu Jintao, the President, Wu Bangguo, the NPC chairman, and Wen Jiabao, the Premier has come to visit the GD Copper successively and fully affirmed Golden Dragon Group for its long-term commitment to independent innovation, and its efforts and achievements to improve the technical level of precision copper pipe manufacturing industry.

The leading products of GD Group are smooth cooper tube with high precision, high efficient inner-grooved tube, high efficient fin tube, copper tube covered with plastic, copper alloy tube, capillary tube, tube fittings etc., covers various areas such as air conditioning and refrigeration, water supply for building, seawater desalination, oceanic industry, ship building, medical facilities, solar energy utilization, computer radiating, communication, electronic instrument and electromagnetic microwave technology. With the technological advancement of high efficient, energy-saving, low-carbon and environmental-friendly tube which leading industrial standard, based on the feature of "high quality, high-tech, high standard", the copper tube manufacturing industry shows great vitality of tube processing.

GD Group has formed its own corporate mission featuring "creating superfine product for customer, creating values for employee and wealth for society ", corporate spirit characterized by "Understanding, Tolerance, Loyalty, Solidarity" and corporate concept as "Respect, Learning, Exceeding, innovation". With the implementation of modern enterprise "flat-style" management, it aims to provide a virtuous career development stage for each employee in order to realize dual values of personal growth and enterprise development, to cultivate a management team able to control modern enterprise operation and to forge a industrial team with solidarity and dedication, which makes every employee the “owner” of the company.


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